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Akwantu: The Journey

One of the films you might not hear about at Sundance this year is a history of the Maroons of Jamaica, a small slave population that uprose against their British masters in the 18th century and secured their independence in … Continue reading

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Pie a la Mode Productions went live in late August, and it was easily the most beautiful website ever created by the hand of Man. But now it’s six weeks later. And it’s time for something fresher. Behold Pie a … Continue reading

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The origins of Pie à la Mode (the dessert)

It’s been a humdinger of a month here at The Mode, but I didn’t want to leave the blog dark for too long. You know what happens to a blog on mothballs, don’tcha? Let’s just say it ain’t pretty. Today’s … Continue reading

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Fun with Fonts

I was strolling down 46th Street last week, keeping my eyes on my shoetops when I noticed this little honey of a sidewalk tile in the middle of the block: I showed this picture to the missuz, and the first … Continue reading

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Maybe you don’t need me to tell you what stylesheets are. Maybe you already know. Maybe you wrote a book on the subject even. Maybe you’re heading back to your mousehole tonight and pouring yourself a tall glass of milk … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Scoop.

Hello there. You’re visiting The Scoop, the official blog of Pie a la Mode Productions. Pie a la Mode is a do-it-yourself design concern, and The Scoop is where we give you the lowdown on design and do-it-yourself projects that … Continue reading

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