Pie a la Mode Productions went live in late August, and it was easily the most beautiful website ever created by the hand of Man. But now it’s six weeks later. And it’s time for something fresher.

Behold Pie a la Mode Productions 2.0. (Which you’re also looking at right now.)

Welcome to Pie a la Mode Productions

Hi there!

As you can see, Pie a la Mode 2.0 hangs onto the best aspects of Pie a la Mode Productions 1.0 — namely, the color scheme and my unerringly wonderful sense of aesthetics. But now, we have an awning at the top of every page!

Aren’t you SO jealous?

The primary focus of the redesign was to provide a better display of the actual graphic work produced by Pie a la Mode Productions. The two most obvious ways to do that were to remove some of the more distracting graphic elements (I’m talking about you, picnic table background) and to get rid of the “bloggy” feel of the showcase pages in favor of more concise project descriptions that feature the work more prominently.

Blogging should be left to the blog. And speaking of that, it should be equally obvious that The Scoop got overhauled, too, leaving me considerably less excuse for not keeping it up-to-date. Dammit. I hate it when I do that.

I’ll be writing more about the redesign later, but for now, please enjoy the gorgeousness that surrounds you. If history is any guide, you have about six weeks before I get tired of this and start working on Pie a la Mode Productions 3.0

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